If you need a light Rom-Com that you can watch at your own pace without giving much commitment, I just have the right Kdrama for you. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is one where you have a cool female lead, a narcissist male lead, and a collection of the cutest characters. Sounds typical, right? Except it is fun.

Calling Your Boss-Turned-Boyfriend Oppa | What's Wrong With Secretary Kim | ViuCalling Your Boss-Turned-Boyfriend Oppa | What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim | Viu

The secretary with nothing really wrong with her

Park Min Young has played the titular Secretary Kim Mi So who has long served under the extremely self-obsessed CEO Lee Young Joon. She decided to finally pursue a life of her own after nine years of dedicated service. Selfless Mi So had gone into professional life at an early age to support her family financially. She has lived up to her name which means “smile” and is liked by her colleagues. Not only this, she is known for her hardworking nature and easy-going attitude.

The CEO with everything wrong with him

Lee Young Joon is that adorably annoying person that makes you wonder how someone can be that oblivious. He thinks he is the center of the universe and the only purpose of all the people around him is to do as he pleases. So it is incomprehensible to him as to why Secretary Kim would ever want to leave his side. He is desperate enough to propose to her just to stop her from resigning. All this makes it clear that he is selfish to the point of being inconsiderate of anyone’s feelings. His attitude towards his good friend Park Yoo Sik only manifests his worse side.

The couples to watch out for

The main couple is worth shipping with the cutest moments being shared by them. Yes, if you are into gushy romances, you might want to sit this one in. The lead actors even have a fan following from previously done Kdramas leading to this one doing exceptionally well. The subplot of romances of Kim Ji Ah and Go Gwi Nam; and Bong Se Ra and Yang Cheol are a pleasure to watch. Park Yoo Sik despite being a divorcee is the life of the party. He is always making for the best comic timings thinking about his ex-wife.

The office romance

Kim Ji Ah who is meek and soft-spoken is being trained to succeed Secretary Kim. She comes to know about Go Gwi Nam, the office’s golden boy being a miser in reality. He lives on the bare minimum and constantly keeps an eye on her to see if she would reveal his secret. Bong Se Ra falls for “her hero” who always turns up to get her out of embarrassing situations. They try so hard to hide their workplace romance but to no avail. The cuteness of these two couples deserves a watch for those who might find the romance of the main characters too cheesy.

The stress-free watch

The main leads along with Young Joon’s elder brother Lee Sung Yeon are caught in a sort of love triangle. There is also an undercurrent of a dark past. Despite everything, the Kdrama manages to be a comfortable watch. So this is totally the best recommendation for an easy watch for any working person. I can certainly vouch for this because I took almost three weeks to complete this Kdrama without any regrets. There is no rush or cliffhangers to get your nerves just a lot of cuteness sprawled here and there to keep you going.

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