“Doom at Your Service” as intriguing as it sounds, here’s presenting handsome “Seo In Guk” with his blissful smile as ‘Doom’ and ‘Park Bo Young’ as Tak Dong Kyung to serve your day with an extra platter of happiness. When I first heard the name, I couldn’t picture what the drama would be like, but the track undeniably brought me zeal despite its languid storyline.

Doom At Your Service: A quick plot summary


The story revolves around the star-crossed relationship between Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) and Tak dong Kyung (Park Bo Young). 

Tak Dong Kyung, a woman who lost her parents in an accident, is presently shown leading an ordinary life, working as an editor in a web novel company. 

Being someone with a terrible fate, on the same day, she finds that she is suffering from glioblastoma, gets to know that her boyfriend is an adulterer, is even chased upon by a pervert on her way back home. 

Knowing that she has only 100 days to live, she makes a drunken wish to bring doom upon the world. I think the title justifies the plot. 

Myul Mang, who serves as the deity “Doom” hears her wish and crashlands into her life. The two get into a contract, unaware of what fate has in store for them. 

They constantly bicker and argue every single day.  No wonder one day they finally realize there is this unstoppable emotion that connects them(Love).

Doom At Your Service characters: An unbreakable bond between Myul Mang and Tak Dong Kyung

What Started with curiosity over a surprisingly unique wish led the two leads to get entangled in a whirlpool of emotions. And they bicker their way to a beautiful journey of love. 

Doom At Your Service Spoiler Alert: you might want to stop here!

Tak Dong Kyung’s ray of hope:

Tak Dong Kyung, who has always concealed her feelings since she was a kid, decides to keep her health a secret. She finds it difficult to cope up with her emotions as her last days draw near. 

Things start getting better when her family comes to know of her illness. It leads to significant changes in the lives of many characters. 

Tak Sun Kyung, Dong Kyung’s brother, a carefree teenager with no sense of responsibility, realizes that it’s time for him to shoulder her sister’s burden. 

Kang Soo Ja, Dong Kyung’s aunt, decides to return to Korea to stay close to her niece. And Na Ji Na, her closest friend, vows to stay by her side and fulfill all her wishes.

Na Ji Na and Lee Hyun Kyu: a tale of doomed romance

 Talking of Na Ji Na, she has a background story of her own. She works as a freelance writer with the pen name ” Lee Hyun “. 

All her male leads seem to have modeled from the same person, ” Lee Hyun Kyu” – her first love. 

Having crossed paths after so many years, they try to rekindle their love, only to realize that what’s gone is gone. 

And there is no point crying over spilled milk.

Na Ji Na and Cha Joo Ik: Destined Lovers

 Years ago, when she was weeping outside Lee Hyun’s apartment, she met a stranger Cha Joo Ik, with whom she shared her first kiss.

Cha Joo Ik, who happens to be a brother figure to Lee Hyun Kyu from his school days up until now. This streamy kiss embarks the beginning of a love triangle. 

And it all ends with Cha Ji Ik finally conceding her feelings for Na Ji Na and conquering her heart. 

Another cute love story I must mention, that’s between Dong Kyung’s aunt and Kevin. They overcome all hurdles of race, cross-cultural differences, language barriers to win each – other’s hearts.

Retrospecting over the plot

Honestly, “Doom at your service” has several heart-melting moments. The chemistry between the lead actors is adorable, and that’s what keeps you hooked up despite the languorous storyline. 

Park Bo Young is one of the most versatile actresses. She lives through character every single time.

 If you have loved Seo In Guk in his previous dramas, I am sure you’ll love him in this as well. The thing that bothered me was the storyline. 

Despite having an attractive start, I couldn’t keep up the same spirit all along. 

I was hoping for some development through the story, some jaw-dropping moments. But they kept clinging onto the same contract thing between Dong Kyung and Myul Mang, and the drama somehow lost its charm midway. 

Speaking of the end, I genuinely wanted the couple to have a happy ending after all that they both went through all these years, but  I feel the ending was happy and at the same time disappointing as well. 

Things seem too good to be true. Lingering on to Dong Kyung’s illness with no chance for much character development felt quite vexatious. Even the romantic scenes between the lead characters seemed less connecting. 

But there is something worth mentioning about how we take things for granted in life. And time is too precious to be wasted on being sad!

Overall, it wasn’t up to par, and it can’t be called the best drama of this year. It’s still satisfactory, and there’s no harm in giving it a try.

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