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Kpop 101: 15 Words Every Kpop Fan Should Know!

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Are you a new K-pop fan? Well, it’s never too late. We can start this journey now! Once you’ve entered the fandom, you’ll need to know a few basic terms. You must already know all of them if you’re a long-time K-pop fan, but it’s time to start taking notes if you’re new to this genre!

1) Idol

K-pop stars are also known as Idols. In simple words, they are performers trained for years to sing, dance, and rap on stage to become a K-pop Idol.

2) Bias

So, how do you respond when someone asks you, “Who is your favorite member of the ABC group?” Bias denotes the same thing. Your bias group must consist of your favorite members of a band.

Bias-wrecker: Any member of a group that makes you want to switch from your current favorite in that group.

3) Aegyo

Aegyo refers to the act of displaying cuteness or affection through cute voices, gestures, or facial expressions. On variety and chat programs, idols are always asked to show their ‘aegyo.’ Aegyo can include anything from singing children’s songs to copying famous dances cutely.

4) Hwaiting

Hwaiting is also known as fighting and is very popular among K-pop fans. It is often used for cheering or encouraging someone. So, the next time when you want to raise someone’s spirit, never forget to cheer them up with Hwaiting!

5) Maknae

The youngest member of an idol group is known as the Maknae of the group. You must have heard people calling the youngest member as the golden maknae because they are often said to be multitalented! 

6) Trainee

Life as a K-pop idol might seem very fancy, but it takes years of hard work and determination to become a K-pop idol. All the successful K-pop idols that we see today were trainees at some point in their life. 

7) The Big 3

The three big entertainment companies are SM, JYP, and YG and are very popular Entertainment companies in Korea. Idols who debut from these labels are often very successful. Some of the successful groups from these entertainment companies are BLACKPINK (YG), TWICE (JYP), and Red Velvet (SM). Therefore, these are known as the Big 3. 

8) V Live

A small V-shaped, blue-colored app where you can interact with idols. It’s a community where starts and fans connect. You are free to like and comment on their Vlive. Also, you never know! They might also reply to your comments. Vlive notifies you before your favorite star’s live. 

9) Saesaeng

Saesaeng is an obsessive fan who stalks and invades the privacy of their favorite idols. They are so obsessed that they can even harm them. 

10) Debut Showcase

Any Kpop group or solo artist’s first appearance or performance before the public is known as their debut showcase. 

11) Fan Chant

Fan Chant are the words shouted by the fans the names during the intro of their song.

12) Leader

Most of the groups have their leaders. The leader is usually the intermediary between the company and all the members of the group. They are the first to start the public introduction in concerts, press conferences, and award ceremonies. Leaders are often thought to be the oldest member of their groups, but that’s not true.

13) Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol is one of the most popular variety shows in Korea. Here we get to see the funnier and more interesting sides of the idols. It’s a veritable treasure trove of jokes, games, and challenges, with about every idol you can think of appearing on it.

14) Daesang

A Daesang is the highest award one can get as an Idol. There are various categories under this award, such as Artist of the Year, Album of The Year, and Song of The Year.

15) Comeback

When a group releases new music or a new album, it’s called a comeback. Teaser photos and videos, tracklists, and occasionally even pre-album single releases are all part of a comeback’s multi-step process.

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