Anime has top-tier fight scenes and some of the most exciting ones are when swords are the weapon of choice. Becoming a skilled swordsman takes years of practice and watching swordmasters fight is keeps us on edge of our seats in anticipation and thrill.

Hyakkimaru- Dororo

With missing limbs and organs Hyakkimaru’s skills are unmatched as he leaves trails of samurai and demon bodies behind him using a sword attached to his prosthetics.

Without the aid of most of his senses, he defeats everyone in his way and manages to get back his body from the demons.

Levi Ackerman- Attack on Titan

Known as Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Levi is the most respected character in AOT. He has developed his skills from fighting with knives as a child to launching himself at Titans 10 times bigger than him with 2 swords.

Because of his reflexes, speed, and endurance, even the Marleyans are warned to proceed with caution around him.

Sakata Gintoki- Gintama

Because of the comedic theme in Gintama, he is shown as a normal no-good doer, miser, and his skills are downplayed.

But behind this façade is the greatest warrior of the Joi War famously known as ‘white yaksha’ who defeated many Amantos.

After the sword ban, he is still able to smash through robots, walls, stones, etc. with a wooden sword proving his talent and skills.

Akame- Akame Ga Kill

The strongest of the Night Raid members, Akame has insane speed, agility, and combat skills. This is expected as she is a trained assassin and even without the help of her Murasame Trump card she can defeat her opponents.

She proves her competency when she kills Esdeath.

Afro- Afro Samurai

Having watched his father killed in front of him Afro is on a quest to seek revenge. He leaves a favorable impression on us with his incredible skills as he shatters bullets, deflects crossbows, and creates new combat techniques in the middle of the battle.

Himura Kenshin-Rurouni Kenshin

Trained to be a weapon of mass destruction, Kenshin defeated his enemies with his strength and combat skills. His body count during the revolution gave him the name of ‘Battousai the Manslayer’.

He regrets his actions and goes on a road to redemption and only raises his sword to protect those in need.

Ichigo Kurasaki-Bleach

A teenager who could see ghosts he becomes a substitute Soul Reaper and sets out to save the world from hollows. He gains the power of hyper-speed combat, immense reiatsu, enhanced strength, and can fight with the greatest swordmasters.

Saber- Fate

Saber the legendary king of knights is one of the three knight classes summoned to Holy Grail Wars. Hiding behind the identity of King Arthur she is strong-willed, courageous and with lots of battle experience, her swordsmanship is the greatest.

King Bradley- Fullmetal Alchemist

He is the major villain in this anime and is known as Wrath. He wages numerous wars and is responsible for so many deaths all for the sake of achieving philosopher’s stone for his masters.

He fights using a sword and has enhanced strength, speed, stamina, sense, coordination, and instincts superior to any human.

Roronoa Zoro- One Piece

As a member of Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has dedicated his life to become the most skilled swordsman and pirate. He spends his time lifting heavy weights to become stronger and can wield not one but three swords at a time.

He is also able to use the air around to launch swords at enemies from a distance.

Guts – berserk

Standing at 6’8″ (204 cm) tall, Guts is a well-known character from the 90s animated series Berserk.

An excellent swordsman and a pioneer of brute force, this gentleman has no issues swinging his 1.90 meters high and 220 pounds sword known as The Dragon Slayer.

Other notable swordsmen to look out for are Mugen from Samurai Chompoo, Kirito from Swords Art Online, Yato from Noragami, and Violet Evergarden.

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  1. Tbh hawk eye Mihawk is stronger than Roronoa Zoro. Zoro trained under him before the Wano arc and has unbelievable power. But even so Mihawk can’t be overpowered so easily.

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