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Levi Ackerman: Why Did He Choose To Revive Armin?

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Have you ever watched Attack on titan? If you are reading this blog post then probably yes! And even the best anime you ever watched and Levi Ackerman is your favorite character. 

But if you live under a rock and don’t know what Attack on titan is and why it is trending on Twitter, Google, and everywhere?

Attack on titan in my own words: 

Attack on Titan is awesome, amazing, and one of the best anime you ever watch in your life. (sounds like a review). If you don’t then give it a try. 

Till now season 3, part 2 is the most fantastic part or arc of Attack On Titan. But this part also leaves viewers with the greatest questions. Especially the ending part, What will happen next?

But there is one more question, which everyone wants to know – Why did Levi Ackerman choose to revive Armin over Erwin?

Have you ever thought about it? Or Did you know the answer to this question? It doesn’t matter, Below I’m going to show you the real reason behind Levi’s decision with a very good explanation. 

So, If you want to know the answer to this question then make sure to read to the end.

Let’s Revise The Scene One More Time

AOT on titan explained

You remember this scene right? When Levi tried to inject the titan making the injection. But he stopped because Erwin jerked off his hand and Levi thought he didn’t want to get revived. Most people think this is the reason why Levi chose Armin. 

But NO!

The reason why Erwin jerked off his hand is – 

When Levi tries to inject Erwin, Erwin is having visions of his past. When he was in his class and asking a question to his teacher. 

That time when Levi tried to give him an injection, Ervin jerked off his hand to ask a question to his teacher. 

Manga and anime are a little different in dialogues. The scene is something like this –

“Teacher,…How do you know there are no humans outside walls?”.

-Erwin Smith (From Attack On Titan)

As you can see in the image above. Now you get the real picture of the scene, right?

AOT explained

What did Ervin want at that time?

Have you ever doubted what Erwin wanted at that time? The purpose of his life and the purpose of joining the scout regiment is to find and prove what he and his father believed.

When Erwin is almost dead, he is having the same dream that he asked himself all time – Is there any human outside of walls or not?

Now, With this scenario even if Levi reviews him, Erwin doesn’t mind. He still wants to see the outside world, isn’t that what he wanted all time? To see other humans?

If Erwin gets revived he wants to get his revenge, then why does he refuse?

Time to change the point of view: What Levi Ackerman wants?

It’s important to think from Levi Ackerman’s point of view because he is the one who started this. Let’s see what he thinks and why?

At first, you noticed he chose Erwin but when Erwin jerked off his hand he stopped. Why did he choose him first?

Of Course for the best results. Erwin is the best commander and no one can take his place no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter how good Armin is but his lack of experience will always stop him from surpassing Erwin.

Then why did he choose Armin later?

I busted the two most common myths but if it’s not the reason then you still have your question left. Did he choose because Eren and Mikasa are crying? Not even close. 

Or did he misunderstand Erwin’s gesture and think he doesn’t want to live anymore. This one is also not true. 

The real reason behind Levi Ackerman’s decision.

Levi chose to let him die because of the same thing he wanted for himself. Yes, Levi Ackerman didn’t want to live anymore.

Do you know why? Because let’s think again about what he has in the first place to live for? Nothing! He lost his mother, Kenny, his only friends, and companions. He lost everything he has.

The same thing goes for Erwin also, They are tired of living in hell. Fighting daily, their friends and comrades have been killed in front of their eyes, taking the burden of all dead soldiers who died to protect others. 

Watching the same thing again and again for years, They are not able to get sleep because of these nightmares. Who wants that type of life?

The only reason why they are living in this hell is that they are not killed by anyone. This is the only reason.


Levi Ackerman saw himself in Erwin at that time. The reason why he chose Erwin is to end his pain and suffering. 

From Levi’s point of view, For people like himself and Erwin, the only way to get freedom is death. There is no other way.

To Conclude, 

That was a very hard decision to make, Armin vs Erwin. But in the end, everything is fine, Everyone gets what they deserve.

I hope you get the answer to your question, if yes then make sure to share it with your friend who loves anime. 

If you have any questions then please comment below, I will make sure you get your answer. 

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