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Why did Rachel betrayed/pushed Bam? Tower of God episode 12 Eng sub

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Betrayal is nothing new in anime. We have seen a long list of anime characters who betrayed each other for their advances. In this article, we are going to see why Rachel pushed Bam in the 12th episode of the Tower of God.

About the tower of God

Tower of God is a webtoon inspired anime licensed by Crunchyroll and it is currently airing on Crunchyroll. It is a 12 episode action/adventure anime with main characters Bam and Rachel. Tower of God aired in the spring anime 2020 list and gained popularity because of the new storyline and a new set of animation styles. You can read about the Tower of God review here.

Tower of God Episode 12 changed everything

To understand the concept here we are going to talk about the 12th episode of Tower of God. The underwater hunt conducted by the director of the test. Khun, Bam, Rachel, and the rest can climb the tower if Bam takes the administration test. This test requires all the team members to work in coordination and as usual, Khun handles all the team members guiding everyone according to his plan. All went well and all the team members came out safely and Bam even used a high power Shinsu and kills the underwater bull. We also witnessed the power of the real princess of Jahad who interrupts the test and kills the intruder who tries to kill the other two princesses of Jahad.Episode 12 is a blast and it concludes the story for the next season.

Why did Rachel push Bam?

Spoilers ahead

We all can agree that Rachel was a mother figure to poor Bam. As we saw in the first episode, Bam adores her since she helped him get out of the cave and he only the world around him because of Rachel. But we never saw what was coming for Bam. Are you ready for the spoiler? I am asking again are you ready? Okay, now that you have made your mine I’ll tell you the exact reason why did Rachel betrayed/pushed Bam. See Rachel was the villain all along. Yes, you heard it right, she was the main villain to the tower of god. She was not only weak as a warrior but she also lacked any empathy for others. She dismissed Bam and her relationship with him to climb the tower. As in the 13th episode of the tower of god we saw how Rachel made the pack with the caretaker of the tower. At this point, you might be surprised at this point to why did Rachel betrayed/pushed Bam when everything was going good between them. Well, the answer is she wanted to live the life of Bam because ‘He’ was the chosen one. You guys haven’t forgotten about the tower rule? have you? You don’t choose to climb the tower. The tower chooses you. I think this is a serious topic and we need to get more insight into the behavior and intentions of Rachel. So, just like all the Anime nerds ends the conversation I will do the same.




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