The search for identity is not something very new to us, but a character’s psychological struggle to accept her own identity and tell the world is what makes One Piece Film: Red amazing on its own. 

Along with the internal sojourn, Uta has her glorious and glamorous life; however, she chooses to show her vast fans who she really is, even if she has any flaws. 

Establishing oneself plays a significant role which we can’t do, especially in the world of fame. 

Reception of One Piece Film: Red

Gorō Taniguchi’s directed and fifteenth feature film ‘One Piece Film: Red’ earned the first position at its outset at the Japanese box office. 

Introducing the song “Shinjidai” or “New Genesis” performed by “Spirit of Troy,” Luffy made his special appearance in the USC Trojans Football Team’s season opener game against Rice University, where it was debuted. 

The film outdistances ‘One Piece Stampede’ by 78%. Despite being a day old, ‘One Piece Stampede’ couldn’t be able to secure 2.254 billion yen (about US$16.7 million), selling 1.58 million tickets and up to approx 12,015,143,970 yen as of August 31. 

What is One Piece Film: Red?

The musical, well-lighted, and animated film opens with the revelation of Uta, the singer’s identity as the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks. 

The movie follows the struggle of the singer with an “otherworldly” voice to uncover her concealed identity to the world at the live concert where her fans (pirates, the Navy, and Luffy with his Straw Hats), unaware of the fact, arrive just to relish her songs. Kaori Nazuka voices Uta’s speech, and Ado sings her song. 

Crunchyroll summarises the film, and it can be anticipated that it with screen the film in North America, Australia, and New Zealand quite theatrically. 

For IMAX, it can be considered as the third-best Saturday opening for making over 1 billion yen on its initial. 

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