If you are wondering where to watch Korean dramas for free? Behold the power of the internet and a friend who’ll always try to help in your K-Drama journey.

Many people have been asking me where to watch Korean dramas in India. Where to watch Korean dramas for free in the Philippines? So many questions kept me thinking, why can’t you stream Korean Dramas on Viki, Dramafever, other hundreds of other streaming sites?

So I took this job upon myself and wrote the ten websites and app lists to stream Korean Dramas. Some of these services won’t be available everywhere, but there are ten websites/apps to choose from. What more do you want?

Alright, with that being said, let’s list down these ten apps and websites to stream South Korean drama for K- Drama fanatics.

Rakuten Viki

It goes without saying, still, some fans are new to the drama world, and they often spend their time on pirate sites to stream K-Dramas.

Viki works the same way other steaming services work; however, Viki provides free streaming on its platform while services like Netflix and Hulu charge money as a monthly subscription. Yes, Viki is an ad-supported platform, and non-premium users have to see some ads while streaming their favorite k-Dramas.


KissAsian is a hub of everything drama. You can find hundreds of Chinese, Japanese and Korean drama in one single place.

I use this website to stream Japanese movies, and so far, I have had a good experience with KissAsian. The best part of KissAsian is its catalog is not limited to South Korea, Japan, or China. You can Thailand, India, the Philippines, and other Asian movies too.


WeTV is another excellent platform/app that enables you to stream your favorite dramas from China, South Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Though WeTV emphasizes Chinese content instead of the rest of the world, you can still find decent titles to stream. The best part about WeTV is how smoothly it works with all devices and operating systems, making your drama binging a little more accessible.

KBS World TV (YouTube Channel)

For those of you who didn’t such a thing exists, yes, you can stream South Korean drama on Youtube. KBS World TV is a standalone YouTube channel and uploads daily content, including the latest episodes of K-Drama, behind the scene footage, new teasers, music videos, and much more.

If you are looking for a legitimate way of streaming good old South Korean drama, don’t hesitate to open this channel as it has everything you need for your binge-watching nights.


Hulu is a paid service platform that enables you to not only stream K-Dramas but download content from other genres, streams, countries, and preferences.

Hulu is the answer to Netflix as the number one streaming platform in the US. Hulu offers four main plans for its customers that range from $6/month for the basic to $71/ month for the premium.

It has a nice collection of South Korean dramas, and the platform regularly updates new dramas and movies from the Asian entertainment sector.


MyDramaList, hands down, have the best UI among all the apps I know. The minimalist white background complements your browsing experience. Plus, you get the best TV series at your fingertips as well as your desktop computer.

I’ve visited the site a few times, and trust me on this one; you cannot get a faster loading speed than MyDramaList. Thanks to its clean and minimalist theme, finding and streaming K-Dramas has never been so intuitive and easy.


KDramaPal is another legit company that enables you to stream South Asian content, mainly South Korean dramas, on its platform. The UI is clean, and you search thousands of shows from hundreds of recommendations.

The best part about KDramaPal is the developers and writers personally recommend shows popular on the website. Meaning, you are not only getting to watch your favorite dramas for free, but you also get recommendation in the form of blogs.


Dramacool is the oldest and most known website for K-Drama lovers, and you find every South Korean drama here that was not available everywhere else.

You can find dramas from the 90s and the latest releases from all the South Korean countries, including South Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. Additionally, the website is safe and highly recommendable for viewers all over the world.

OnDemand Korea

As the name suggests, OnDemand Korea is all about the things that happen in South Korea. It is a one-of-kind platform that helps you learn the Korean way of doing things that includes streaming movies, TV series, daily soap operas, and exclusive footage to learn the Korean language. If you passionate about fixing your Korean while giggling at your favorite K-Drama series, you can visit OnDemand Korea from here.


Finally, we are here. Viu is a world-renowned platform that offers so many things in that small application for android and iOS. It has everything you’d expect from a premium streaming minus the subscription charges, plus you get the watch regional movies and TV series because K-Drama is a part of it.

Think of Viu this way, you can stream your regular drama series, plus you can diversify your viewing experience from the content of other countries, cultures, and cinema. You are getting double the benefits from a single app! What more do you want?


Ashish Khaitan is a content writer based out of New Delhi. He usually writes content for business owners, websites, and filmmakers. He likes anime, mangas, and Kdramas and often spends a lot of time reading books. He enjoys his own company and rarely goes outside unless there is a sale in the local clothing stores.

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