Gaming on Linux has always been one of my dreams. I’ve been a window user throughout my life. But something changed and I switched to Linux.

First of all I can confirm Linux is the “better” operating system that we all are searching and secondly you can now game on Linux. otakusmart brings you the top 10 Linux games of all time.

Without further ado lets start our list for the top 10 Linux games of all time.

8 best Linux games of all time (January 2023)

Dota 2

Dota 2 - Epicenter - Cinematic trailerDota 2 – Epicenter – Cinematic trailer

If you are a gamer and you don’t know about this legendary game then don’t call yourself a gamer at all. Dota 2 is the most competitive esport game that gave rise to Esports legends like “KuroKy”, Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi and more. It is the ultimate destination for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and the best part? It is completely free to play.


Official Minecraft TrailerOfficial Minecraft Trailer

One question that always bugs me is can you play Minecraft on Linux? Yes, dear you can play Minecraft on Linux and it is not so hard at all.

Linux users avoid games because it requires a lot of effort and time but not anymore. Here is a video by Sorin Tolbaru that’ll guide you through each step in your journey of how do I install Minecraft?

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet - Official Trailer | PS4Fishing Planet – Official Trailer | PS4

A relaxing and soothing multiplayer game by Fishing Planet LLC. As the name suggest you have to catch fishes and chill with your homies.

There is nothing exiting or out of the world about this game. it is what it is. No question asked. Just play it yourself and chill in your house.


Brain Out TrailerBrain Out Trailer

I am big fan of 2D games and I guess you guys love these 2 dimensional games as well. what set BRAIN / OUT apart from other 2D games is the intensity and sound that comes in par with high graphics games like PUBG and Call of duty.

Now, You might be surprised why I am comparing a 2D game with a modern 3D game? well, to find out you have to play the game. Open that terminal and download now.

Bioshock: Infinite (Singleplayer)

Bioshock Infinite - Save Elizabeth - TrailerBioshock Infinite – Save Elizabeth – Trailer

A one of a kind FPS game with a brilliant storyline. Bioshok: Infinite is the game made for gamers by gamers.

You can play this game on Steam and you can get the game in just $3.99. Isn’t that amazing? An award-winning game for just $3.99. Trust me you won’t regret this game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Multiplayer)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launch trailerCounter-Strike: Global Offensive launch trailer

CS: O doesn’t need any introduction. We are familiar with this giant that gave rise to the modern FPS (multiplier) games that we know today. CS: O is my favorite recommendation among all the games I have recommended here.

If you have never player CS:GO before than make sure to check this game out because who knows when you are going to play games again. Yeah, I am talking about that adulthood life.


Darkwood | Launch Trailer | PS4Darkwood | Launch Trailer | PS4

An aerial view RPG game designed especially for horror fans. Darkwood is not your average horror flick. In order to survive in a valley lit environment,

You have to use whatever you can get your hands on. From scavenging for food to crafting weapons, Darkwood is the ultimate horror-survival game for Linux and Ubunto based operating systems.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight - TrailerHollow Knight – Trailer

Raise your hands if you love indie games. Hollow Knight was finally made available for Linux. I was skeptical when I first saw the game poster but when I started playing the game, I kind of enjoyed the game very much.

The unique handcrafted soundtracks and a hand-drawn environment look like a feast to me. I enjoyed every second of the game and I believe you want to feel the same way as I did.

what are you waiting for go and play this mesmerising game right now.

So, that sums up our article for Top 8 Linux games of all time (part 1). For more interesting content follow otakusmart.

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