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The First Trailer for batman is here and it is awesome

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The new trailer for batman just came out and it is awesome. Do you know what else is awesome? Robot Pattinson is the batman!

For years DC teased fans with the sneak peeks of the new Batman movie. And this Saturday (22 August) the movie franchise released the official trailer for the new Batman movie.

It is a treat for all the DC fans as the beloved Robert Pattinson will be playing the lead role of Batman in the new movie.

After successfully gathering all the fans, love, and popularity from the twilight series, Robert Pattinson is set to join the most adored franchise in Hollywood. The 34-year-old Robert Pattinson will join the platform shared by Hollywood stars like Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck.

The Batman 2021 release date

The Batman release date

The Batman will be releasing in theatres on 1 October 2021. Along with that DC’s Suicide Squad, 2 will be releasing on 6 August 2021.

The Batman 2021 Cast

The batman 2021 cast
Robert PattinsonBruce Wayne / Batman
Zoë KravitzSelina Kyle / Catwoman
Colin FarrellOswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
Paul DanoEdward Nashton / The Riddler
Andy SerkisAlfred Pennyworth
Peter SarsgaardDistrict Attorney Gil Colson
John TurturroCarmine Falcone
Jeffrey WrightJames Gordon
Con O’NeillChief Mackenzie Bock
Max Carver
Charlie Carver
Alex FernsCommissioner Pete Savage
Amy Clare BealesSpecial Agent 2
Jimmy StarFuneral Mourner
Mark Killeen
Alfredo TavaresForensic
Elijah Baker
Jayme LawsonBella Reál
Vic WaghornGotham Fire Chief Sheddon
John WolfeThug
Gil Perez-Abraham
Joseph BalderramaLead Detective
Angela YeohForensic Photographer
Metin HassanVIP Mafia Family / Funeral Guest
Elliot Warren
Stuart WhelanFBI
Albert GiannitelliE.S.U Police
Chosen WilkinsGuard 2
Phil AizlewoodBodyguard
Heider AliOfficer
Paul WhelliganVip Mourner
Rodrig AndrisanFuneral VIP (uncredited)
Kadrolsha Ona CaroleFuneral Mourner (uncredited)
Bern CollaçoDetective (uncredited)
Obie MatthewFuneral Mourner (uncredited)
Tony McCarthyAnarchist (uncredited)
Source: IMDB

The Batman 2021 plot

The Batman 2021 plot

No official statement has been released about the plot of the new Batman movie but speculations acclaimed that the movie will feature a different route to the plot. Instead of the original DC world, the new Batman movie might be following the Batman miniseries – The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

The aura and perception of batman are different from past Batman movies. As Robert Robot Pattinson is a versatile actor and we can assume that the new Batman movie is going to the most badass batman ever.

Now that the trailer is out the fans can expect a new journey in the Batman franchise with Robert Pattinson as the Batman.

So that was our take on the First Trailer for the new batman movie.

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