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Anime Recommendation Of The Week – The Low Tier Character Tomozaki Kun

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The Low Tier Character Tomozaki Kun

Hey it’s me ya boy. Welcome to the 7th episode of my weekly anime recommendation series and today I have a new recommendation of a new anime. We are talking about The Low Tier Character Tomozaki Kun, a show about gamers.

The show is currently airing and it’s a must for all the gaming junkies.

The main character of the show is a top gamer in Japan but a big loser in real life. The female gamer and the perfect girl Aoi Hinami respects Tomozaki as a gamer but not as a person.

In hopes of winning the game of LIFE, Aoi Hinami helps Tomozaki to be a better a person. In the first episode, she becomes his tutor of life and in hopes of ruling this game, the unmotivated Tomozaki becomes a better version of himself.

This anime teaches you about self confidence, dignity, helping, forming relationship and the best part – Gaming.

There are only three episodes aired in January and the 4th will premiere at 28Jan, so thats all folks.

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