K-pop comebacks July 2022

10 K-pop comeback and debuts lined up for July 2022

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The K-pop industry is moving forward with its next phase and several Kpop groups have announced their comeback for July 2022. This includes the most anticipated groups such as BLACKPINK, AESPA, and more. Here is this post, we’ll be looking at some of the upcoming K-pop acts set for July 2022.

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Next month’s lineup will be filled with new debuts as well because many new groups will be entering the Kpop scene with their first albums and singles. We’re hyped for July and it is the perfect time for some classic groups to make a comeback with new projects. Among them, we will see some of the best acts that will start performing this year.

July 2022 K-pop comeback and debut schedule

K-Pop Group Dates Project Name
ENHYPEN July 4th, 2022 3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO: DAY 1
Young Tak July 4th, 2022 1st Full Album “MMM”
WJSN July 5th, 2022 Title Track: “Last Sequence” from Special Single Album ‘Sequence’
H1-KEY July 6th, 2022 1st Maxi Single Album [RUN]
MCND July 7th, 2022 4th Mini Album THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION CHAPTER.2
Aespa July 8th, 2022 The 2nd Mini Album 〖Girls〗
SUPER JUNIOR July 12th, 2022 The 11th Album Vol.1 [The Road : Keep on Going]
Me:us July 14th, 2022 2nd Single Album <Wind>
ITZY July 15th, 2022 <CHECKMATE>
CRAXY July 19th, 2022 Title Track: “REQUIEM”
ILY:1 July 19th, 2022 Not Yet Annouced
GreatGuys July 20th, 2022 4th Mini Album We’re Not Alone final : only you
DPR IAN July 29th, 2022 M II T O – Moodswings In To Order

We will update this post when we have more details on Kpop groups that will debut in July and in later months throughout 2022. Make sure you bookmark his page to not miss any update



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