Top 12 best productivity apps that will boost your productivity (January 2023)

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What do Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mukesh Ambani have in common? You might answer that they are one of the most powerful individuals in the world.

Yes, they are, but you might not know there is something more akin between these three individuals. They are extremely productive individuals in their field of work.

We are trying to say that productivity is the key to success. For example, If you work 10 hours a day and your productivity hours are less than 5 hours/day, then you are totally missing out on all the success in the world.

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So what exactly is productivity? Where to find it? How can one achieve it? To find productivity in the modern world, we have to understand how the world actually works.

Do you know that 95% of business models are entirely based on the Internet? With that in mind, here are 12 productivity apps for work you should be using right now.

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So how to be productive in the office? We can use several websites and apps to increase productivity throughout the day. These apps not only save valuable time but also provide better results. The number on our list is Google Jamboard.

Top 12 best productivity apps to boost productivity (January 2023)

Google Jamboard

A collaborative app for brainstorming. Google Jamboard uses real-time input from different users to collaborate on a single project. You can collaborate on a single project in real-time with multiple members with exclusive permissions and password protection.


What happens when you take the conventional to-do list and modify it with new technologies? Wunderlist is the successor of the to-do list, and it takes the to-do list to the next level by incorporating dates and deadlines, specifying, repeating, and sharing with your team members. It is the ideal solution for a small team and can be an add-on for the Wunderlist.


A modern-day tracker for your projects. Clockify tracks your time on different projects, and the best thing about Clockify is it can show your clients how much time and labor you have invested in their projects. Isn’t that great? Clockify is the perfect solution for client-based companies.


There is old saying health is wealth. Done is the exact embodiment of the given proverb. Done tracks all of your daily habits in a clean and precise manner. You can easily track your workout and meeting schedules with the Done app.


Evernote is undoubtedly the best app for taking notes. With Evernote, you can not only take notes but also annotate, set reminders, send email notifications, clip web pages, add links, audio recordings, and much more. No matter what your profession is, you can always use Evernote.


The favorite on our list has to be Canva. It is an easy and non-technical app for creating beautiful pictures. You can easily drag and drop and create beautiful pictures with stock templates and photos.


We all know how important diagrams and charts are for business. Lucidchart is the app that fulfills all your graphs and diagrammatical requirements. With an easy-to-use UI and an affordable monthly plan, Lucidchart is the choice of many corporate companies and marketing professionals.


Scan your document on the go with Camscanner. This ultimate pocket scanner can scan documents, photos, text, and much more. If you are not using CamScanner, then you are missing all the fun things you can do with this app.


A personal favorite app that eases out all the transcription processes. Many professions, like journalism, require heavy transcription, and Otter comes super handy for automatic transcription. The best part, it’s completely free to use.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best products of Google. Most organizations heavily depend on Google drive because it’s absolutely free and doesn’t cost a dime for lifetime use. No wonder why Google drive is one of the best productivity apps for work of all time.


A pioneer in cloud storage, Dropbox is the ultimate app for storing all your digital content in a single place. You can easily drag and drop content in the app, and the best part – Dropbox can be integrated with any web browser, and it offers different storage plans for the cheap.


An easy-to-use app that automatically increases your productivity. It not only saves time, but it will guide you to a more distraction-free working environment. You can easily set goals and reminders that’ll help you to increase your productivity in the workplace.

So, that’s all, folks. That was our list of 12 productivity apps for work. For more articles like this, follow otakusmart. You can share your views in the comment section below, and we’ll definitely reply back to you.



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