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Top 10 Interesting Anime Characters With Blue Hair (January 2023)

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Do you like anime characters with blue hair? well, I like them for more than one reason. If you are also interested in anime characters with blue hair then here is an awesome list for you!

Most of you like anime characters because of their personality. But something like eys, hairs, and other features make them more interesting. 

As a matter of hair, Blue hair is not much common in the real world. I do not think anyone was born with blue hair. Most of us are born with Black, Brown, Red, golden, and sometimes white hair colors. 

But anime is different it has its own universe and rules. All hair colors are common in anime like even purple and green. But you know anime characters with blue hair color are also difficult to find in the Anime Universe.

So, Let’s dive into the list.

10 anime Characters With Blue Hair (2023)

#1: Ban from Seven Deadly Sins

Ban is an interesting character because of his abilities. He is among the strongest member of the seven deadly sins. The most unique thing about him is his immortality. 

Ban is also popular among anime fans because of his personality. After Meliodas, his fights are most intense and interesting. He is also one of the most overpowering characters. 

#2: Rem from Re: Zero

Now we have a kawaii/cute anime character on our list. Re: Zero is one of the best in the anime category of Isekai. Rem’s sky blue hairs and her haircut are some of the best in the category of Anime Characters With Blue Hair. 

Rem is the main supporting character in anime and also one of the antagonists. But later she became friendly with our main character. Wants to know how? Watch the anime series. 

#3: Inosuke Hashibira From Demon Slayer

Anime Characters With Blue Hair from the most famous anime – Demon Slayer. Inosuke is one of four main characters in the anime series. 

He is strong and stupid at the same time. He does not care who his enemy is, he wants to beat him. 

In most senses, he wears a boar mask to cover his girl-looking face. Because of some reason, his face looks like a girl. 

If you want to download demon slayer then you can download it from this link. Here!

#4: Bulma from Dragon Ball Series

Bulma is one of the first main characters introduced in the Dragon Ball anime series. She is a computer genius and an adventure. 

Bulma is the perfect example of beauty and brain. She is Goku’s first friend and also a caretaker. Bluma is the richest character in the Dragon Ball franchise. 

#5: Trunks from Dragon Ball Z

One more anime character with blue hair from the Dragon Ball anime series. Trunks is the son of Bulma and Price Vegeta. 

He introduces in Dragon Ball Z anime with a badass entry. He is strong as his father in many ways. By the way, there are two trunks. First from the future and second from the present. 

#6: Tadokoro Megumi from Food Wars!

Megumi is a kind and honest girl who always try to help others. She is among my top female favorite anime characters. Her hair color is dark blue which suits her. 

She is one of the main characters in the Food Wars anime series. At the start of anime, she is a poor performing student because of her fear of the stage. But after the promotional exam, she becomes 10th seat in the Council of Ten. 

#7: Franky from One Piece

One Piece sea of anime characters. There are too many characters in anime series but there are few anime characters with blue hairs. 

Franky is one of few who have blue hair. He is a Cyborg (Half Human, Half Robot). He is a shipwright for Strow Hat pirates. His ability is not limited to making ships he can also make deadly weapons and robots like General Franky and Tanks. 

#8: Princess Vivi from One Piece

Vivi is the best friend of Straw Hats Crew. Luffy helps her to defeat Crocodile and save her country Alabasta. 

Vivi is a kind, beautiful, and smart girl. She is always willing to help others. She started as an antagonist in One Piece but after revealing her problem Luffy decided to help her. 

#9: Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The most energetic character you will ever see in anime series. Kamina lives for himself and his friends. 

He is a hot-blooded and emotional person who doesn’t think about the consequences of his action. If he wants to do something then he will do it no matter what. 

#10: Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia 

Iida is a person who sticks to rules. He is a disciplined and honest student of the U.A. High School. 

His special ability is Engine in his legs. He can run at super high speed without getting tired. Tenya is also class president and a respected person. 

The most annoying thing about him is, He always takes everything seriously. 


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