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South Korean producer SHAUN joins Malaysian singer Yuna for ‘So Right’

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Undeniably the Korean Entertainment industry has made the world go crazy. It’s now expanding the industry by collaborating with various talented artists from all over the world. The Hallyu Wave is not a wave anymore but a tornado.

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While we all know the skyrocketing popularity of the Korean music bands BTS, Twice, BlackPink, EXO, NCT, and solo artists like IU and Jeon Somi, we also have a hidden gem in the Korean music industry, Shaun. Whether you are feeling under the weather or are falling deeply for someone, Shaun’s music is undoubtedly the ‘Sanjeeavni’ for all your needs.

The magic of SHAUN’s music

Shaun is a South Korean Singer, music producer, DJ, and songwriter under DCTOM Entertainment. He is best known for his song Way Back Home, which got a lot of international exposure in 2018. He has worked with EXO, SHINEE, Girls Generation, BOA, F(x), EPIICHIGH, 4MINUTE, Yunha, 7and Lee Seung Hwan as a producer. His MVs are like beautifully presented anecdotes, and they are the gateway to the beautiful journeys of life. 

Yuna vocals are gold

Well- Well, the heart-balming news is that this amazingly talented singer is now collaborating with the brilliantly talented Malaysian musician, Yuna. Yuna is a much-admired R&B artist with a distinctive voice. Her heartfelt voice has a massive fanbase with millions of streams across her five albums. The artists and their fans are “excited and eager” for their upcoming collaboration. 

The joining of the hands of both the artists created a lot of excitement among the fans. “So Right” is a love song, ready to make us realize how inevitable love is. It will glorify the fact that without love, life is impossible. 

A quick look at ‘So Right’ by SHAUN and Yuna

SHAUN - So Right (Feat. YUNA): A Short Film [Music Video]SHAUN – So Right (Feat. YUNA): A Short Film [Music Video]

A lone person cannot live his life correctly while meeting the right person change someone’s entire life with love. While waiting for the song, I even started imagining Yuna’s voice on Shaun’s alluring guitar sounds. Finally, the wait is over. The song is finally up to melt the hearts of the fans with their euphonious voices combined with the sweetest lyrics of all time. 

Yuna is well known for representing the symbol of ‘Hijabster.’ She is much beyond the orthodox image of traditional Muslim women. The collaboration between Shaun and Yuna will express cultural diversity and will help in making people more aware of various traditions across the world. The song will reach global audiences from all over the world with different cultures and traditions. 

Long story short, with the help of their new song, “So Right,” Shaun and Yuna will try to make a difference in the globe with words and sounds. To share their message, they are going to depend on their fans.

I hope you enjoy listening to the song as much as I did!

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