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Looking back at weathering with you – A weathering with you review

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After watching and critiquing hundreds of Anime shows and movies, I believe I am eligible to give you the most awaited weathering with you review.

Today I will talk about weathering with you characters, movie, story and more. Without further ado lets jump right into it.

Who directed weathering with you?

if you are into Japanese animation then you must have heard about this Shinkai guy. For those who don’t know, Makoto Shinkai is a pillar in the animation industry. He has produced and directed some of the greatest anime movies of all time. If “Your name” brings a bell then you might be aware of its success and popularity. Similarly, Tenki no Ko is a movie based on the same elements as “your name” and it has received a phenomenal status in the global anime community.

Weathering with you story

The story revolves around two run-away teens. In the bustling city of Tokyo, they protect each other while dealing with police, authorities, and Gods. The girl character ‘Hina’ is a weather girl and she is the one who can call upon gods to clear the sky and stop the rain. The boy ‘Hodaka’ works as a street journalist who is trying to cover up with the weather girl story. Both of them find each other in the most unexpected ways.

Note: I am not going to give any spoilers here. Because I respect everyone’s patients and I want people to watch the movie themselves.

Will weathering with you be in theaters?

You might have missed the show pal. Yes, weathering with you “was” released in theatres as a full-length movie. All thanks to the anime community in India. The movie was released in several theatres across the country and it was the first instance that an Japanese anime movie was released in Indian cinema halls. We can consider this a milestone in the anime culture. Getting a license for an Anime movie is an utterly impossible task. I sincerely thank everyone who was available for the petition. You guys rock!

What is meant by the term weathering with you?

In Geology, the breakdown of rocks and layers at the earth’s surface is known as weathering. So, the title is created with some poetic devices to make up a meaning which vaguely translates to “I am with you even if the sky falls down”. The other meaning of the movie can be “I am with you in this destructive weather”. So, we can say the movie’s name is subjective. It can represent anything to anyone based on one’s perspective of the movie.

Is Taki and Mitsuha in weathering with you?

If you are talking about the main characters from Shinkai’s Your Name then, yes. They do appear in the movie ‘weathering with you’. The whole point of presenting the characters in a new movie is not new. Many directors are doing the same thing from over some decade now. The appearance of Taki and Mitsuha represents an ecosystem of the Makoto Shinkai movies. This ecosystem will be more powerful if every time a character from the past makes an appearance in a new movie. Now you know how good is Makoto Shinkai.

Is Weathering with you available in Netflix?

Yes, weathering with you is available on Netflix. You can watch the movie with a subscription package. The basic package starts with 2.66 USD and the highest subscription package is 10.64 USD. You can click here to view Netflix plans and subscribe to them accordingly.

Is Weathering with you better than your name?

No, the answer is no. “Your Name” has a special place in every anime fan’s heart. No matter how good the movie was or how much hype it created. I can definitely say Weathering with you is not better than Your Name. Both movies have their own good and bad points. While weathering with you is a more of a city-oriented movie, your name transcends time, space, and human understanding. If I would bet on both of these I am sure ‘Your name’ would be the winner. What do you think?

To end my review of weathering with you, my question here is – Would you watch weathering with you? leave your answers in the comment section. I will surely check them out. Tell us what you liked about the movie and what you disliked?

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