Depression is a dangerous thing and in the modern era, there are many causes of these. One of these causes is Post-series depression where a person gets depressed when their favorite gets a series or emotional ending. Even though it’s not that big a deal, still feeling dressed is a bad thing. That’s why we come up with a guide which helps you to get over your favorites or recent web series. 

Take a Break

When someone feels depressed then the very first thing they should do is take a break and slow down with life. When a show ends then people spend their entire time overthinking and feel empty inside their hearts. Furthermore, the only way to overcome emptiness is to get out of reel life and spend time in reality. For example, go for a walk, read books, get social and spend quality time with friends and family. 

Write Fan Fiction

The main cause of post-series depression is some emotional and unexpected scenes. But to cope with it you can change that part of the story according to your interest. Writing Fan Fiction is manipulating the original work and giving a new perspective to the story. You do not have to write the entire story from the start and just need to remake an arc, episode, or even the last few minutes. 

Re-Watch the Entire Series to Get Over a Web Series

The most popular tips that come from the users are to watch the whole series from the start. It will help you to understand the whole story with a whole different perspective. Well, you do not have to binge-watch the show or you can if you want. Mostly there are two outcomes of this method: 

  1. People get bored and stop watching the show. However, it will help them to overcome that web series. 
  2. In the next case, you will get to love the character even more because of what is going to happen next in the show. Furthermore, it will also help people to get out of that post series depression thing. 

TV Tropes

I want to recommend a site – TV Tropes which is one of the best entertainment sites out there (I did not get any for this and I am not promoting it anyway). Even if you finish your favourite web series, there are still many things you might miss or many things you want to know more about. For example what happened with character x when his girlfriend died? Or did my character be able to defeat character y? Or even how many allies of character p in the XYZ series? 

We love to read facts, theories, and after that episode of our favourite series. Moreover, you can also learn these things on the internet. Well, after doing this, a few minutes later your heart will feel content and feel happier. 

Watch New Shows

The most popular advice coming from the internet is to start watching new shows to get over your web series. It can be any type of show like similar, different, and anything. However, one of the most popular and best choices is to watch a funny or comedy show. 

There is nothing better than laughter in the world or having a smile on your face while watching a show. Everyone loves comedy or funny shows because that helps to escape reality. 

Furthermore, many people find an attachment toward a specific character and his role like I am attached to the character Captain Jack Sparrow or actor Johnny Depp. In that case, you can watch other shows with these actors as a star cast. 

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