Hey, we met again. And today, we have a new anime recommendation. This is the 14the chapter in my anime recommendation series and today we have “Zombieland saga”. It’s hard to define this show as it is the most unpredictable, uncanny, and horror-comedy series revolving around a bunch of dead girls

After getting hit by the infamous truck-kun, Sakura Minamoto wakes up in a jail cell only to find out that she is dead and she has the duty to accompany a new zombie girl idol group.

If you really think that the plot is weird, wait till you see these zombie girls battle rap each other with the group manager beatboxing in the background.

After understanding the world, the girls try to stay alive within the human world by putting up human make-up.

After not being able to live their life to the fullest, these dead girls will try their best to live as the zombie idol group and achieve everything they couldn’t in their past life.

This is a special, one-of-king show that takes the comedy genre and mixes up everything they can find in the closet.

That’s all today. My name is Ashish and you can find more amazing stuff on my Blog OTAKUSMART. I’ll see you guys next week with another anime recommendation.


Ashish Khaitan is a content writer based out of New Delhi. He usually writes content for business owners, websites, and filmmakers. He likes anime, mangas, and Kdramas and often spends a lot of time reading books. He enjoys his own company and rarely goes outside unless there is a sale in the local clothing stores.


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