Hey there, I know it’s been so long, but I am back with the weekly anime recommendation series. Today, we have a special anime that is both cute and takes a shot at the supernatural. Hinamatsuri or Hina Festival is a 2018 anime that incorporates a quirky sense of comedy with slapstick and supernatural. 

To be fair here, it’s hard to fit this show in any category because the plot is so bizarre that comedy and supernatural just don’t make the cut for it. Anyway, moving to the plot of the series. Hina arrives on earth in an egg-like spaceship. Unfortunately, for Nitta Yoshifumi, his work as a  Yakuza member comes to shambles as the laid-back girl finds Nitta’s place cozy and comfortable. Now, you might be thinking that Nitta is a Yakuza and he can throw this little girl. Right?

No! Wrong. Because Hina is an alien or something, she can manipulate things around her. She can break things, people, cars, buildings, grounds, and everything she doesn’t like. And you know what she doesn’t like? Constant nagging from a single Yakuza. 

To fix the current issue, Nitta takes her in, and she in return helps him get rid of the guys from the other parties. Because of her superhuman strength, Hina had no issues beating 20-50 people at once. So both the parties conclude that they will live in harmony and help each other out. 

But wait! There is a lot more going in here! I have only laid out the basic premise of the show. Later on, Hina joins the high school, makes friends, and helps Nitta in his gangster endeavors. Oh, wait! Did I forget to add that the famous voice actress, Tanaka is playing Hina’s part in the show! 

Additionally, more characters will warm your cold heart, and I am talking about Enzu, another alien girl who is not so fortunate and has to pick trash in the human world to make a living. I am leaving a little trailer below this article, so check it out and let me know what you think of this slice of life anime.

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