37 Anime websites are getting banned in India: Pleaded Disney

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Anime websites banned in India. Disney India pleaded to ban 118 pirated websites in the country and High courts agreed on the decision.

This might be the darkest hour for the Indian anime community. Our beloved websites like kissanime, 9anime and more getting banned in the country.

It is rather unusual that Disney is getting involved in a matter which doesn’t effect Disney at all. In the plead, Disney concluded that these 118 websites steals content from creators and makes it available for free. Anime fans are arguing over the fact that anime websites like kissanime, 9anime etc. do not stream content from Disney at all.

Why are anime websites are getting banned in India?

Most of the anime websites that we enjoy streaming are illegal. Disney Pleaded to Indian high court to ban 118 websites for pirating their content and it also included most of the major anime streaming websites as well. So, the question here is – Do anime websites stream content from Disney?

To answer this question we went over to some of the anime streaming website to find pirated disney content.

Disney claims for anime websites pirating content

There are no signs of Frozen on Kissanime. Frozen is one of the most successful Disney movies of all time. Lets try another anime website with a popular Disney product.

Here we searched for another Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” and there are no such results about this Disney movie as well.

As you saw from the above screenshots, there is no way anime websites are pirating content from Disney. The worst part about 37 Anime websites banned in India is that our anime community in the Indian subcontinent won’t be able to stream anime anymore. we can use a VPN but a lot of people do not use a VPN and using a VPN is not feasible to use in comparison to totally free anime without any restrictions.

I am saddened to see such an extensive move from Disney. I totally oppose the banning of anime websites.

Has Delhi High Court accepted the pleading from Disney?

Yes, Delhi High Court has accepted the plead from Disney to ban 118 websites. Out of 118 websites, 37 websites stream free anime worldwide. I could’t comprehend why Disney took that decision. Social media became active as soon as they heard about the news and here are some of the comments and posts about Disney’s decision.

What will happen after the ban

After the band, the anime community in India has to depend on VPN to access those free anime websites or the other options we have are Netflix and Crunchyroll subscription. We know things are hard and we cannot do much in this situation but we make sure the community stays strong.

So that was our article for 37 Anime websites that are getting banned in India. Make sure to subscribe because we cater to the anime community and we are always there for you.

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