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Top 10 best anime on Amazon Prime Video (January 2023)

best anime on Amazon Prime India

Welcome to our list of the best anime on Amazon Prime Video. The paid subscription video service by Amazon is known for its blockbuster web series like Patal Lokk, Mirzapur, and more.

However, anime fans can relax because there are some good quality anime channels on amazon prime that will change your perspective on anime on Amazon Prime Video. 

To begin our list of the best anime on amazon prime 2021, we would like to start with the best anime on Amazon Prime Video – Banana Fish.

10 best anime on Amazon Prime Video (January 2023)

Banana Fish  

BANANA FISH 【Fuji TV Official】BANANA FISH 【Fuji TV Official】

Banana Fish was released in 2018. Soon after its release, it followed a cult-like fan base with fans loving the mafia side of the story and people criticizing the overly complex plot progression.

Since we are not discussing the anime here, let’s talk about its basic plot and what people can expect from this show. So basically, Banana Fish follows the story of Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura as the duo follows a risky job tangled between gangsters, thugs, and mafias. 

Welcome to ballroom

"Welcome to the Ballroom" PV 05 [Official English Sub.]“Welcome to the Ballroom” PV 05 [Official English Sub.]

Ballroom e Youkoso or Welcome to Ballroom is one of the best anime on Amazon Prime Video. Released back in 2017, this masterpiece of an anime was directed by Yoshimi Itazura.

The same director who directed Paprika back in 2016. Welcome to the Ballroom follows the story of aimless student Tatara Fujita. Tatara has no clear goals or aims in life. In hopes of finding something worthwhile, Tatara meets Kaname Sengoku, a notorious dance instructor. 


Dororo Official TrailerDororo Official Trailer

Dororo is one of the most underrated anime of all time. Based on the original manga released in 1969 by Osamu Tezuka, Dororo follows the story of Hyakkimaru, a child who was born without a face, hands, and other body parts.

Due to a political deal between Hyakkimaru’s father and a demon, Hyakkimaru was born without human body parts but he survived.

The later part of the story unfolds the revenge part of the show and how Hyakkimaru takes back his body parts from 48 demons who ate them. 

The great passage

Fune wo Amu The Great Passage // New Anime TrailerFune wo Amu The Great Passage // New Anime Trailer

Always mistaken as BL, The great passage is one of the best slice-of-life anime out there on Amazon Prime 2021. The story follows Mitsuya Majime, who gets recruited by The Great Passage, a new dictionary in the making.

Even though The Great Passage is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a perfect start for people who love studying and spending time alone.

Again, I would like to say, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and some fans might feel bored while watching Mitsuya rant about his love of reading. 

Vinland saga

Vinland saga trailer [Eng sub]Vinland saga trailer [Eng sub]

Being the son of the greatest warrior in the village, Thorfinn had a rough start from the beginning. After watching his father die, Thorfinn swears to take revenge on the dead father by challenging Askeladd to a duel.

In the midst of all this, Thorfinn gets involved in a triggered war for the crown of fictional England. Vinland Saga is one of the best anime on Amazon Prime Video and it is a highly rated anime on the Amazon Prime anime 2022 list.

Kabaneri of the Iron fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 【Trailer】Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 【Trailer】

From the plot perspective, Kabaneri of the Iron fortress is a lot similar to Attack on Titan. In fact, here are six anime similar to Attack on titan.

Keeping that aside, Kabaneri of the Iron fortress follows the story of Ikoma to Mumei Ikoma and their struggles in the Industrial Revolution of the Samurai age.

After a deadly virus spreads in the nearby area, the MC follows the root of the problem trying to fix the issue that can vanish humanity.

Wataku: love is hard for otaku

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku) - TrailerWotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku) – Trailer

Wataku: love is hard for otaku is the best romance anime on Amazon Prime Video. Written by Fujita, Wataku: Love is hard for otaku follows the story of two otakus who start dating because it’s comfortable being in a relationship with someone who has the same level of nerdiness as you.

However, things are not always easy when two similar people try to date each other. This is a cute show about two otakus finding love in a hopeless place. 

Rage of Bahamut

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis - TrailerRage of Bahamut: Genesis – Trailer

Rage of Bahamut follows the story of Mistarcia. A mystical world where creatures from all walks of life live together. However, this peaceful society abrupts when the fearsome beast Bahamut enters into the everyday life of Mistarcia.

Bahamut was historical beasts that created a big mess in the past. To seal their powers, humans, and gods came together and formed a pact. Rage of Bahamut is one of the best action anime on Amazon Prime Video India and one of the top-rated on Netflix as well. 

Boarding school Juliet

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet TrailerKishuku Gakkou no Juliet Trailer

Boarding school Juliet follows the story of Romeo Inuzuka, and the adventure of love, confession, mind games, and much more. It is a beautiful anime about high school love but it might come out generic to veteran anime viewers.

Anyway, there isn’t much anime on Amazon Prime Video but if you’re looking for some cute waifus and anime girls, then you can check out this rom-com anime on Amazon Prime Video India. 

After the Rain

After the Rain Official Dub ClipAfter the Rain Official Dub Clip

After the Rain follows the story of Akira Tachibana and her unrequited love for an old man. Akira is a high school student who works at a family restaurant, and she slowly falls in love with the manager of the restaurant, who happens to have a child too.

Where will this relationship lead Akira? Or if she’s going to express her feelings to Masami? We don’t know. But there is only one way to find out, check out this new anime on Amazon Prime Video today. 

So this completes our list of the Top 10 best anime on Amazon Prime Video. For more articles like this one, follow otakusmart today and turn ON the notification.

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