Every Indian has, in some way or the other been influenced by Bollywood but times change and so do people.

From songs hitting a million views in hours to Korean words being added to the Official English dictionary, I don’t think we need any further proof of how K-pop is taking over the industry as well as the world.

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Talking about India, the influence of K-pop on people has been increasing tremendously day by day. Bollywood has always influenced Indian culture, clothing, society, and various other factors but now, it’s time for K-pop.

BTS or Bangtan Boys are almost the main reason why India is so obsessed with K-pop or just like Jackson Wang, a K-pop idol said “BTS paved the way”. Well, they sure did.

Not just the youth of this country but people of all ages have started following this huge boy band who are popular worldwide.

The love and support for BTS are so huge that it has united people and brought them into the very well-known fandom called A.R.M.Y(Adorable Representation M.C. for Youth).

This has brought a setback to the Bollywood entertainment industry. Apparently, there have been various tries to cope up with this K-pop fever in India by remaking Korean movies and making songs that have similar rhythms and beats to that of K-pop songs but the original remains the best.

On top of that, it did not impress people that the songs of their favorite Kpop-idols are being copied which strengthened the connection between them and their favorite groups.

It is pretty noticeable that K-pop is spreading like a virus in India but it’s definitely not harming them.

From having a bias in multiple groups to learning the Korean language, the changes are not vague at all. Back then, youngsters had a pretty different perception of their ideal or their celebrity crush but now almost everything revolves around their bias belonging to a particular group.

Let alone the common people, Indian celebrities themselves have confessed that they are big fans of K-pop Idols. A.R Rahman, Disha Patani, Ayushmann Khurrana, and many more have expressed their love for K-pop and how it’s a source of inspiration for them.

Karan Johar, who attended a fashion show in Paris faced a situation in which people went crazy on his Instagram for a picture with Kai, a member of the famous K-pop band called EXO. Misinterpreting the situation, Karan thought that the fans were for him but they were all there for Kai which pretty much shows the influence of K-pop on Indians.

Deepika Padukone, a very talented Indian actor posted a picture on Instagram which went viral because of the caption.

It said “I Purple You”, which is a very frequent and popular phrase used by V, a member of the worldwide known boy Band called BTS. This made the Indian fans go crazy cause they found another Indian celebrity to join the fandom.

Let’s not forget the heavy streaming of K-pop songs in India that has created several milestones. This isn’t just for entertainment, it has become a starter for every conversation.

Stanger’s have started becoming friends so easily because they love the same band or they have the same bias. The impact is so huge that it definitely cannot be ignored.

Indians have started following Korean skin-care routines because they want to have similar skin like that of K-pop Idols.

Bollywood needs to step its game up to cope up with the addiction of Indians to K-pop or else the results are pretty clear.


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