Handle Post-Anime Depression

Top 7 Best Ways to Handle Post-Anime Depression

Top 7 Best Ways to Handle Post-Anime Depression

Have you ever experienced post anime depression? If yes then don’t worry because you are not alone. It happens a lot of the time with me and with others too. Especially with anime series like Your Lie In April. It takes me three days to forget about all those scenes and come to normal life.

There are many heartwarming and touching animes. Like “I want to eat your pancreas”, “Tokyo Ghoul”, “Death Note”, etc.

When you finish these anime, emotional scenes hunt you for days and sometimes even for weeks.

Later in this post, you will learn how to cope with these types of depressions. After researching from all over the web and from my own experience. I collected 7 ways to handle post anime depression.

Let’s start!

Handle Post-Anime Depression: What not to do!

First thing first, before you start those activities you should read what not do in the first place.

#1. Don’t download wallpaper.

Some people download wallpapers of that particular anime. I don’t understand why they do that? Our main purpose is to distract your mind from anime thoughts. But this will make you think more about that anime.

#2. Stop searching on google.

Don’t search on google like “What happed in manga or novel”. You have to stop this because it is never going to end. You will keep repeating the cycle.

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Read the Original: Manga, Novel, or Visual.

Have you finished your anime? Try to read the original work. It doesn’t matter how good an anime is, the original is original. When you read manga or novels you will get a different touch.

Often seen in anime and manga, the creators cut lots of scenes in anime to fit everything in 23 minutes episodes. Those scenes are important for character development.

Next time you feel depressed after watching anime, read the manga (or other original work).

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Music

Whenever you feel down, Music is the best way to change your mind. Play your favorite songs and lost in them. Researchers show that music helps you to cheer up your mind.

You can also listen to the soundtracks of that anime. If that anime has a very good theme then you listen to that. Like Your Lie In April has pretty good openings and ending.

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Start Next Anime

The most popular way to handle post-anime syndrome starts a new anime. Most people choose a Slice Of Life anime to watch after a depressing anime. I like to watch a comedy anime series like Grand Blue.

You can also watch non-anime-related stuff like standup or YourTube videos. But don’t watch too much stuff. This method is not that effective. Or I can say the temporary effect on Highly-Depressing anime.

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Take a Walk

The best way to distract your mind in a good way is by having a road walk (or park). It will help you to fresh your mind and think about everything from the start.

But there are some rules you should follow while doing this activity. You should go for walk without your smartphone or any other electronic device.

If you do then the whole purpose is worth nothing. I want you to have a proper walk with your environment and surroundings.

While walking tries to think about your thoughts, what are they? Did it make you feel angry or sad? It’s like meditation. NO, it is meditation.

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Work on a Hobby

The best way to distract yourself from something is by doing what you like most. Reading, writing, or painting.

Anything you like the most, Try to do it for at least 20 minutes. You will start to feel good after you finish your work. I like to read some books (because I am a writer) but everyone has one thing they like to do in their free time.

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Blog about it

Medical researchers say, If you write your thoughts on paper then it helps you keep control of them. So, if you write a blog about like review, opinion, or even a fan-fiction ending.

This makes your mind work on the different prospects. If your anime’s anime is sad then you can write.

Even you are not a writer but still you can write little stuff about it. #1 Write all thoughts on paper, what makes you angry, sad, or any different emotion. #2 Try to contribute to the community with your knowledge about that particular anime.

I can post your articles on my blog with credit, If you want then send your articles to Otakusmart.in we will post your article.

Handle Post-Anime Depression: Watch again!

The reason why you feel depressed is because of some scenes. I recommend you to watch your anime again if it’s short like 12 to 24 episodes.

But if you don’t have that much time then you can also watch some scenes you like the most or make you feel sad.

I know for sure after 2-3 times it becomes normal for you. You start to feel like it’s nothing. The best way to end a problem is to face it.


You don’t need to feel stupid or something like it, It’s pretty normal for other people too. Having emotions is an ability for humans, only humans can feel emotions. Proud of yourself!

Do you know why this Post-Anime Syndrom happens? Because people watch too much anime or binge-watch it. What do you think happens when your brain takes too many emotions at a time.

Because of your actions, you feel depressed. My last piece of advice is you should watch anime. We watch anime for entertainment not to finish it and think about it later.

Have any suggestions? Comment below!

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