Google Ads is a powerful ad serving platform that empowers almost every marketer and content creator in the world. Today, we will be discussing the top three Google Ads alternatives that serve the same purpose as Google Ads but offer many more things and are relatively cheap and flexible. Like really cheap!

To get the point across, I will try to keep this article as short as possible. So, take a seat back and relax because today we’ll be talking about the top 3 best Google Ads alternatives for managing your ad campaigns. 

If you want to be a professional marketer or want to enter into the world of paid advertisement, Google Ads is the first and foremost tool you have to learn.

Today, there are thousands of tools available on the market that provide managing services for serving ads to your customers. In such a big market, Google Ads is the prominent platform, so the question that comes to your mind is, Who are Google Ads competitors or they are different from Google Adword. 

First, we are going to talk about Microsoft Ads or bing ads in general. I have personally used Microsoft Ads, and I even got a good response for my blog.

By using this Google Ads alternative, I got a whopping 800+ clicks on one of my blog posts. Well, stories apart, let’s jump straight right into it. 

Microsoft Ads (the best Google Ads alternative)

Microsoft Ads is a powerful tool that services ads for millions of people without breaking a sweat. The things you get with Bing and its services are powerful and reaps the same amount of revenue as your native Google Ads.

Many marketers acknowledge Microsoft Ads as the best alternative for Google Ads and other Ad serving networks. Like Google Ads, you don’t have to pay a single dollar for signing up to Microsoft Ads, and using the platform is as simple as writing a 700-word article like this one.

No, seriously, writing lengthy articles is hard!

Jokes aside, you can do anything with Microsoft Ads like you would do with Google Adware. You can select keywords, increase bid amounts, the geography of ads and it works with a dependable ROI system that helps in determining the profit levels while running paid advertisement campaigns. 

In 2022, if you want to increase your revenue or change your career, then learning Microsoft Ads will benefit you for all your marketing endeavors. 

Adroll (the underdog of paid advertisement)

Price-wise, Adroll is free. However, you can also opt for the monthly plan that comes around $19 and $72 for yearly plans. For starters, you can go for the free plan to understand the nuts and bolts of this Google Ads alternative.

That we got the elephant out of the room. Let’s talk about its features and how good it is in comparison to Google Ads in 2021-2022. 

First off, you get all the fundamental functions of Google Ads, like search engine ads, video ads, customer ads, and many kinds of other native ads that holistically hold the ground for paid advertisement in the digital world.

In actuality, this Adword alternative is pretty capable of doing everything you’d expect and works on the same algorithms as Google Ads. 

It’s not surprising to know that many international brands take advantage of Adroll, and most of them generate leads that convert into customers. Realistically speaking, I have not used their service but I’ve heard from the customers how this tool helped them in ranking higher in search results, tripling their ROI for multiple years. 

Additionally, e-commerce brands benefit their ranking and customer base with this tool because it boasts geographical coverage options that help in targeting locations for a particular product.

For example, a Japanese video game company needs to target Japan only, and Adroll goes deep into human behavior and shows ads to people in Japan who are interested in gaming. 

Facebook also uses this technique, and I have used their ads service to get 800+ clicks on this website in a matter of a week.

I believe that customizing the geological locations of your ads helps in refining the audience and gives you better ROI than any traditional paid service ads.

Now, we have the big two Google Ads alternatives, it’s time for the third tool that comprises the big three in the paid marketing world. 

Amazon Advertising (the best-paid advertising tool for everyone)

Like Google Ads, Amazon Advertising is also a big player in the paid advertising world. As a Google Ads alternative, Amazon Advertising is also a paid advertising tool that helps you to run ads on multiple platforms like social media, search engines, videos, etc.

Though this tool has been around for a while, advertisers are not even sure that Amazon has its own paid advertising company. This is due to Amazon’s long list of services that often overlap each other, making a giant snowball of services that are hard to get and even harder to find!

Let’s keep the poetic side of mine aside, and talk about how good Amazon’s free paid advertising tool is. First off, you can run video ads, application ads, tools ads, shopping ads, gaming ads, and everything we usually do with the Google Ads service.

For beginners who don’t like to get caught up in the overwhelming world of Google Ads, I would suggest checking out Amazon Advertising as it provides the best services for paid advertisement and acts as a catalyst between knowledge and goals.

This is because anyone can use Amazon Advertisement because it’s easy, affordable, and comes in handy for people who are not so marketing-minded.

To start with this Google Ads alternative, sign in to Amazon Advertising using your Amazon login details and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.

Then, you can start experimenting with tools and create your first paid advertisement campaign with Amazon Advertisement.

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